My Baseball Listening Room
Notice there is no propane tank. Kingsford is the only way!
Since I write my articles to appear in the Saturday issue of The Daily Record my deadline is Friday morning. Thursday evening's game is generally piped outside my ham shack to this wind-break (this is Ellensburg you know, and cooking chicken wings requires close attention to heat or else it's easy to burn them.) (I do have some photos of failed attempts but won't be posting those.)

Most of the articles are at least composed in my head while these wings are being consumed. There's never much leftover. If you would like the recipe for my "Mo-Jo Wings" e-mail me.
What you missed last Thursday ---->
<---- All that was left when the game was over

If you cook them just right, there's not even that much left if you don't mind pulling bone splinters out of your teeth.
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